Do You Need an Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine?

Along with the movement towards “natural” and “green” living, ayurvedic practices have been gaining some newfound spotlight lately, especially in the world of skin care. But can everyone benefit from adding a pinch of ayurveda into their daily skin care routine? The short answer is yes and no, and to fully understand the potential benefits and uses for ayurvedic skin care, it’s important to first understand the basic premises behind the practice.

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Do You Really Look Younger If You Weigh More?

Wouldn’t it be nice if packing on a few extra pounds could somehow erase your wrinkles? Well, according to some research, it might do just that. But there is a catch. While carrying a few extra pounds in your face later in life could help you look more youthful, this likely won’t be of much help in the early stages of the aging process.

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Why Men Age More Slowly Than Women

Why is it that men’s salt-and-pepper, “distinguished” look as they begin to show their age seems to be depicted so drastically different from the way we tend to discuss women’s aging? While societal norms may be partly to blame, there may actually be some science at play when it comes to the differing ways in which men and women age. These key differences just might explain why men tend to age a bit more gracefully (and later) than women.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Able to Pronounce All of Your Skin Care Ingredients

With today’s increased focus on “clean eating” and a more holistic approach to our diets and overall health and wellbeing, the idea that what you put on your skin also gets into your body has become a highly debated topic. It goes something like this: if you wouldn’t eat an ingredient that you can’t pronounce, should you be putting in on your skin? The short answer is, it’s complicated. Rather than focusing on the length of an ingredient name, the most important thing to look for is what that ingredient actually is and does.

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What Happens to Your Skin When You’re Anxious

You’re fidgeting in your seat, not getting any sleep, feeling rundown, and your skin has been looking a little lackluster lately. Think one of these things doesn’t quite sound like the others? As it turns out, your entire body can be affected by stress and anxiety, including your skin. Here’s what you might notice about your skin’s condition under stress, and some tips for de-stressing your mind and calming your skin.

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The Link between Weather and Wrinkles

Have you ever noticed that your skin’s condition tends to change with the weather? Do you seem to stock up on moisturizers in the winter months, or notice dry skin when you vacation in dry, sunny climates? While this certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, many people aren’t familiar with the research that explains why this happens and what we can do about it.

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5 Dead Giveaways You’ve Had a Cosmetic Procedure–And What to Use Instead

Cosmetic procedures like Botox, Dysport, and injectable dermal fillers have been gaining recent social media attention, largely due to celebrity influence. But while many men and women may desire a more “Hollywood” look that emphasizes smooth, seemingly flawless complexions, not everyone is into scheduling regular appointments to receive facial injections. And sometimes, these injections even give themselves away, creating an unnatural look instead of the desired “airbrushed” look.

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